Irons are a picture image of Spurs

It’s a painful comparison, but it’s one I think relates. 

When our chums Tottenham were fighting for a top 4 place under the guidance of Harry Redknapp back in 2009, it seemed there was no stopping them. 

It was painful viewing for us as a far, but I remember thinking ‘this is a really good team’. They battled in every encounter, and it seemed that there was nothing good enough to stop them reaching their goal.

And there wasn’t. 

The fixture between the Spuds and the mega rich Manchester City at the Etihad was one that had the Champions League spot in the bag. I watched it live in a pub and I remember thinking ‘Spurs will win’ – and they did. 

They had a belief that season, and it was one that was simply ‘we will win’.

We’re now 6 years on, and that club are fighting for the ultimate prize (painful as it is) in English football. Yet our outstanding Irons side are following suit from their heroics in 2009.

I was in the stands at Goodison Park on Saturday, and we were dangerous. From the 1st minute to the very last.

I met Everton fans afterwards and they all said that even at 2-0, they knew it wasn’t over.

Our comeback was one worthy of a title chasing club. Of course I am realistic, and know that’s not going to happen. But the belief in our play, the never-say-die attitude, echoes that of Spurs’ feat 6 years ago.

We are a club that is fighting, and that has a talent across the board that can succeed – there is no doubting that.

And the fact the pundits in TV at present seem to disregard is actually suits our pursuit even more.

Nobody is talking, but here we are. 3 points off Arsenal, a ‘title contender’ who we still have to play at Upton Park.

Should we dream the impossible this year? Why the hell not?!

Leicester City have provided a light that shows this game is simply what it is. 11 v 11.

West Ham have a chance, albeit a tough one, of bringing Champions League football to our new stadium. 

I’m excited. Proud.

& above all else. Dreaming. 

& why the f**k not!


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