Defeat richly deserved

It was our last FA Cup showing at the Boleyn and the writing was on the wall that we would tear into Manchester United. But we didn’t. 

Sadly the tactics that were set simply couldn’t trump those made by the visitors. In fact I’d say it was our worst midfield performance of the season.

Noble and Kouyate may as well have been having a pint in the first half because they were absent. A shocking showing in a game I believe we all felt we’d win.

How it was 0-0 at half time was a miracle, but yet it was. But how was didn’t make the necessary changes was more of a shock to the system. 

Our side tonight looked tired, and lost. But why? It was a chance to reach Wembley under the floodlights of a ground we hadn’t lost at since August. 

Manchester United deserve credit for their performance but my word we made it easy.

I’m stunned. Shocked. This wasn’t in the script. 

At the end we battled back, and yes with a bit of luck we’d have taken it into extra time. But too little too late. 

This was Manchester United. Not Bolton.

We had to be at them from the off. And we wasn’t. 


But still proud of our tremendous season. We’ll get there one day. 


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