The rise & almighty fall of the new Diame

As the new season fast approaches it was little or so surprise to any that the once-popular Diafra Sakho is on the conveyer belt exiting the club – but for most his attitude during his inevitable departure will come as a shock.

West Ham United are an ambitious club, and that was the case when Sakho signed his contract in East London back in 2014. 

Back then, Sakho was a different man. He was desperate for a chance at the big time – and when West Ham came calling while he was playing for Metz in the 2nd division of the French league, he couldn’t believe his luck. 

He wanted the move so badly that, so much so, he cried when it was looking like the deal would fall through. 

These days we have a different human at our disposal. 

Sakho has forgotten the chance given to him, the fans that fell at his feet, and the club that have rewarded him with a lucrative new deal. 

He was aware of the opportunity here, but instead of knuckling down and working hard, he decides to turn his back in anger. It was clear our club would be chasing the big time, and someone of this ability should have been licking their lips, not sulking. 

I’ve supported the man since his arrival but I’m truly angered by his lack of fight, and more importantly, loyalty. 

He will now sadly be remembered as the one season wonder – the next Mo Diame. A man who got too big for his boots. Ruined by high earnings rather than focussing on the prize.

I have no doubt in my mind that Diame regrets his decision to walk away. He could have been leading us in our quest for top 4 Premier League football – but has since plodded away in the Championship, with a relegation to his name.

I see the same for our chum Diafra. It’s sad, but we are better off without. 

Good luck my friend. 


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